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Design | Supervision | Healthcare Facilities​

Owner :Minsity of Health
​Location ; As-Salt City
Land area : 53,833 m2

Unison Companies

  1. Arab Dar Eng. Company

  2. Demyati &  Sha’sha’ Company

  3. UHS Medical Instruments Expert

This project is one of the largest projects in Jordan; It includes an integrated medical and scientific complex Consisting of (General hospital contains all medical specialties, and a college of medicine) The project is characterized by an architectural design that simulates the nature and heritage of the ancient city of  as Salt and also contains the latest modern electromechanical systems that meet part of the requirements of green buildings in terms of saving energy and water.

Project Elements & Contents

  • hospital building which consists of 80000 m2 total built up area and a capacity of 350 beds (expandable to 700 beds).

  • Sub- buildings: 6 buildings with total area of 1200 m2 (kindergarten , generators buildings)

  • The medical college building: consist of 8 floors with total area of 18000 m2 

  • Parking building consists of 6 floors with total area of 19000 m2 and a capacity of 525 car parking.

  • External works including paved areas, sidewalks, internal roads, sufficient car parking spaces, fences, entrances and exits, canopies, Heli-pad, as well as soft and hard landscaping.

  • Therapeutic and Recreational Garden with area of is 3000 m2  

  • the link bridge between the project buildings with length of 500 m2.

Project Gallery

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