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Supervision | Healthcare Facilities​

Owner: Ministry of Health
​Location: Al-Tafilah - Jordan
Land area: 31,186 m²
Project area: 29,929 m²

Project Description:

  1. The hospital building with capacity of 150 beds and an approx. area of 29,980 m2.

  2. Staff accommodation with a total built up area of 3,435 m2 including the doctors housing, nurse’s housing and housing for technical experts.

  3. External works including paved areas, sidewalks, internal roads, car parking spaces, boundaries, Heli-pad, and landscaping works.

  4. Mosque consists of two floors with an approx. area 700m2.

  5. Parking building consists of three floors with an approx. area of 2,800 m2 and capacity of 320 cars. 

Project Gallery

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