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Design | Healthcare Facilities​

Owner: Jordanian Armed Forces
​Location: Amman - Jordan
Land area: 20,000 m2

Project Elements & Contents

  • ​Day Surgery Center conforms of 4 level building with total area approximately of (20000 s.m.) and facilitate (24 surgical wings) for day surgery situation; plus it house (50 patient's rooms) for after surgery in hospital short stay service.

  • The complex has a space capacity to serve over 750 people on daily basis.


  1. Basement level with area (4658 s.m.) To house: Parking and loading area, Catering and Staff Dining Facilities, Central Stores , House Keeping,  Laundry ,  Medical Waste, Pharmacy,  CSSD.

  2. Ground level with area (4601 s.m.) To house: Main Entrance / Misc Facilities, Pre/post Clinics, Surgical Department-01 (12 Ors)

  3. First level with area (4657 s.m.) To house: Hospital Administration Suite, Radio-Diagnostic Imaging, Surgical Department-02 (12 Ors).

  4. Second level with area (4343 s.m.) To house: Endoscopy Unit, Short Stay Ward (Males 25 Beds), Short Stay Ward (Females 25 Beds).

Project Gallery

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