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Design | Supervision | Healthcare Facilities​

Owner: Islamic Center Institute
Location: Aqaba
Land area: 16125 m2
Project Area: 36805 m2

Unison Companies

  1. Arab Dar Eng. Company.

  2. Bitar Comp. Engineers Consultants.

  3. Al-Istishari Recent Office.

  4. Tabbaa Consuting Office.

  5. Al-Nasaq Consulting Office.

  6. Al-Aufuq Engineering Office.

Project Elements & Contents:

2nd Basement Floor: Car parking and deposits, Area 5055 m2.

1st Basement Floor: Car parking, commercial stores, deposits, Area 4816 m2.

Ground Floor: Commercial shops and some parts of the hospital such as (Kitchen & Cafeteria, Laundry, Central Change, Housekeeping, Workshop and Body wash in addition to some services) with an area of 4237 m2.

First Floor: Commercial shops and some parts of the hospital such as (C.C.U, I.C.U, Catheterization Department, CSSD, Operation Department and Workshop in addition to the Administration Department), with an area of 4213 m2.

Second Floor: Emergency, Clinics, Labs and Rays Lab, Area 4487 m2. 

Services Floor: (TF) Area 2918 m2.

Third Floor: operation and intense care, daily sleep rooms, central disinfecting and hospital management, Area 2899 m2.

Fourth Floor: Delivery and women patients' rooms, Area 2347 m2.

Fifth Floor: Patient rooms men and children, Area 2275 m2.

Sixth Floor: Patient rooms Area 2204 m2.

Roof: Stairs and Communications Room, Area 457 m2.

Project Gallery

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