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Design | Public & Administrative Buildings

Client: National Electric Company
Location: Amman-Muqablain
Land Area: 5200 m²
Project Area: 2084 m²

Project Contents &Elements:​

  • Basement floor: (area 546.39) Gas instrument room, computer room, feeding & batteries room, Interface, U.P.S room, feeding instrument room, controlling room, boiler room, deposit and prayer room.

  • Ground floor: (area 777.185 m2) Consists of:

    1. Management part: main entrance, emergency, reception and meeting hall.

    2. Controlling system: observation & control, restaurant for staff, training hall & (DTS)

    3. Employment circle: Manager Office, manager secretary office employment depart, production department and electric tie.

    4. Services

  • First floor: (area 621.79 m2) Consists of:

    1. Employment management: General Manager assistant office, secretary office & meeting room.

    2. Controlling system circle:-

      • Manager & secretary offices.

      • Maintenance part: the chief, engineers, technicians &inspectors.

      • Programming part

      • Visitors' hall.

      • Services.

Project Gallery

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