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Arab Dar Engineering company

Arab Dar Engineering Company is one of the leading and most established Architectural, Engineering, Project Management and Construction Management Consultancy Firms in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with over 39 years of professional experience in the local, regional, and international market since its inception in 1980, the organization is located in Amman.



Core Values:

*Respect and Integrity.        

*Creativity and Innovation.        

*Teamwork and Trust.        

*Professionalism and Excellence.       

*Care and Empowerment to our employees.       

*Environmental and Social Responsibility.


ADEC codes of ethics ensures that the employees provide services to its clients with the quality that meet international standards while remaining within the budget and time. We believe in practicing and demonstrating a strong record of ethical conduct that makes it easier to enhance client confidence, expand clientele and capture more market share.
Below are the salient features of the ADEC Code of Ethics.


In 1980, ADEC was awarded the Classification Certificate in 9 disciplines from Jordanian Engineering Association. In 1982, ADEC was awarded the Qualification Certificate form the Jordanian Government tender Directorate.

In 2008, ADEC was awarded the first ISO 9001:2008 quality certification as an Architectural, Engineering and Information Technology Consultant in the Middle East. In 2015, ADEC was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 by SGS Company.


Why us?

According to The Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Governmental Tenders Department,
ADEC is classified in:

        A. Building (first class A).
        B. Water and Wastewater (first class A).
        C. Environment (first class).

ADEC is classified in nine sectors by Jordanian Engineers Association JEA: -
        1. Civil Engineering.
        2. Architecture.
        3. Mechanical Engineering.
        4. Electrical Engineering.
        5. Water and Sewer Systems.
        6. Project Management.
        7. Highway and Transportation.
        8. Environment.
        9. Survey.



Eng. Khaled Al Bourini
Eng. Khaled Al Bourini
Company Founder & CEO
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