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Design | Public & Administrative Buildings

Client: Ministry of Interior
Location: Amman-Arjan
Land Area: 4,300 m²
Project Area: 11,617 m²

Project Contents &Elements:​

  1. Third Basement: Car parking, stores and services. Total area: 1,658 m²

  2. Second Basement: Car parking and stores, Transportation office, services. Total area: 1,671 m²

  3. First Basement: Conference hall, Services, Ministry operations department. Total area: 1,850 m²

  4. Ground Floor: Ministry Department, General Curator Department, Great Hall of Meetings, Main entrance and reception .Total area: - 1,753m²

  5. First Floor: Directorate of Voting, Directorate of Parties, Dir. of General Relations .Total area: - 1,392 m²

  6. Second Floor:  Dir. of financial affairs, Dir. of management affairs .Total area: - 1,376 m²

  7. Third Floor: Dir. of int. censorship, Dir. of building services, Dir. of studies of training. Total area: - 1,392 m²

Project Gallery

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