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Supervision | Public & Administrative Buildings

Client: Social Security Corporation
Location: Amman, Al-Hussein suburb.
Land Area: 4,363 m²
Project Area: 27,000 m²

Project Description:

Project Elements &Contents  

  1. 2nd Crypt floor, area 4203 m2 Cars parking & water tank. 

  2. 1st Crypt floor, area 4074 m2 Cars parking, stores and services. 

  3. 2nd basement, area 3085 m2 Show and meetings rooms. 

  4. 1st basement, area 2150 m2 Conference room & services.

  5. Ground floor, area 2105 m2 Conference halls, show rooms meeting rooms, offices. 

  6. 1st floor, area 1500 m2 Offices, meeting rooms & services.

  7. 2nd,3rd,fth,5th floors, area 1545 m2 Offices, meeting rooms & services.

  8. 6th floor, area 1626 m2 Offices, meeting rooms & services.

  9. 7th floor, area 1611 m2 General manager room, offices and services. 

Project Gallery

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